The Tankerays - Rock N' Roll Music Tankerays

The Tankerays are a rock n’ roll band from Western Colorado that formed around 2007. The current lineup consists of Brian Mora AKA “Buzz” (lead vocals and guitar) D’Ray Canaday (bass guitar) and Mike Thornburg AKA “Medicine Man” (drums and percussion). The Tankerays are an independent band that has adopted the DIY approach. The Tankerays just released a NEW ALBUM “Broken Toy” in April 2021 and can now be herd on all digital platforms. There aren’t any synthesizers or accompanying MIDI tracks in the live show or on record…just a down and dirty onslaught of David Lynch-inspired ROCK N ROLL from a twisted 3-piece orchestra of radical musicians.

The band has shared the stage with many national acts including The Reverend Horton Heat, The Young Dubliners, Agent Orange, The Koffin Kats, etc. Each member brings a variety of influences to the table, but the most notable would have to be the old rockabilly apostles like Elvis and Brian Setzer, blended to perfection with the likes of The Cramps and Christian Death.

Having finished several EPs and a few LPs, The Tankerays have a busy road ahead of them. Constantly writing new material is (and has been) the top priority, and the way the dynamics have unfolded create a level of excitement at each rehearsal that definitely carry over into each live show.

Playing local shows in Western Colorado has been a treat for both the band and their fans mostly because of the many great venues The Tankerays are invited to play on a regular basis. Whether it’s a co-headline show with another local favorite or a 3-set solo show in a dimly lit watering hole, listeners can enjoy the entire Tankeray catalog (along with a wide-spectrum of carefully-selected covers) without hearing the same song twice in the entire evening.

The most common question the band gets asked is “how do you not have to pee after playing for three hours straight?” The answer is this: the amount of movement, sweat, and shakin’ that occurs offsets the bladder…no matter how many Guinesses are consumed throughout the evening. This band works hard to bring you an eclectic array of tunes that could have easily been inspired by Bela Lugosi films, or even some of Quentin Tarantino’s earlier works. There are some instrumentals that take each listener to a different “place” in their head, giving the songs an open interpretation that’s unique and original. The Tankerays never let down and always play the same top quality show, whether it’s for 10 people or 1000 people. Something you definitely need to experience.

Each member of The Tankerays has a life beyond music, but it’s those real-life experiences that often make it into the songs…yielding the most incredible results. Anyone who thinks real-life encounters are boring need to hear tracks like ‘Freight Train To Hell’ or ‘El Sancho’. Each song depicts actual events or emotions, and draws from it a symbolic message that is relatable to everyone…sometimes with humor.

The Tankerays aren’t afraid to branch off and try new things. Their music accompanies many genres including punk, metal, and even surf rock. Every band that has shared the stage with the The Tankerays and every listener has felt right at home, because the musical stylings of this 3-piece from Grand Junction go with anything.

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